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The Innocent - by David Van Such

David Van Such has combined his saxophone, electric violin, and flute to create a unique style and variety of music that tantalizes the senses. David's sounds are irresistibly easy to listen to because of the blend of smooth and seductive jazz and definite R& B influences. The instrumental voice of David blends a raw sensuality with a rare soulfulness, raising the saxophone to musical and emotional heights that few can achieve.

-- Upcoming events --

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Vino Del Lago in July: Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday 7:00PM - 10:00PM.

david and derrick

Event Calendar for july:


Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday 7:00PM - 10:00PM

Super talented saxophone player David Van Such and Derrick Cordero - Percussion, Vocals and Comedian performing at Vino Del Lago, 25 Via Brianza Suite #100 Henderson NV.

We hope to see you there....

More information about the upcoming events...

david and derrick
David Van Such, and Derrick Cordero.


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